Back office software for Stock Brokers



·         Supports import of all files BSE & NSE including BSE Auction file.

·         Unique trade edit screen that displays Order ID, trade ID, terminal No, time, brokerage, brokerage %, brokerage type, net rate, standard rate for each trade and with shortcuts to recalculate brokerages, search, split etc.

·         Provision to apply absolute brokerage on multiple trades on select & apply basis.

·         All processes required for Institutional Business.

·         Automatic effect for Custodial trades.

·         Facility to accumulate trades and allocate quantity based on MF / PMS scheme details provided in XLS file.

·         Generate files for most front office software for new client creation and limit setting, including additional limit file for BTST.



·         For each slab a Minimum / Percent / Maximum / Fixed brokerage may be defined.

·         Minimum Brokerage per contract may also be defined.

·         Speculation, squaring off and delivery brokerages can be defined for same client.

·         Brokerage discounts may be offered based on daily turnover.

·         Sharing of brokerage based on % of brokerage charged to client or on bases of excess charged over a decided base brokerage. Report also available to check if any such sharing results in negative income for the broker.

·         Introducing person’s brokerage may be credited to their accounts along with settlement posting or can be calculated periodically.



·         Various charges that may be levied over and above brokerage and may be specifically shown in contract / Bill.

-          Delivery charge (brokerage being charged as a separate charge entry)

-          Service Tax

-          STT

-          Turnover Charges

-          Stamp Duty

-          Demat Delivery Charges (to recover charges charged by DP)

-          Any other charge that may be based on turnover, brokerage etc.

·         Facility to levy service tax on charges.


Contracts & Bills

·         Printing of Contract cum Bill with option to print dealing office address.

·         Bills may be rounded off to nearest Rupee etc.

·         Confirmations may be forwarded to client via e-mail including linking to software for digitally signed documents – eSign.

·         Set option to print separate contracts by trade ID, security etc. for selective clients. Summarized / detailed contract printing setting also available.


Derivatives Segment

·         Separate brokerage for Future / Option / American / Euro / Buy / Sell.

·         Brokerage on Exercise/Assignment.

·         Same day/Any day squaring off brokerages and option brokerage at minimum per lot.

·         Collateral /Margin Management. Both cash (with accounting effect) and share collaterals.

·         Span Interface including facility to calculate span for each arbitrage account.

·         Facility to generate reverse margin file to be provided to NSE.

·         Profit/Loss report MTM, Premium P/L, In-out Money P/L.

·         Facility to debit / credit margin to bill of client or to debit / credit the same to Margin account of client.

·         Margin Statement showing Bill values, Receipts payments and Collateral valuation and Open position and underlying wise Span margin.


Client Master

·         Grouping by Group / Family / Branch.

·         Store Introducer details.

·         Generating and managing UCC file for BSE / NSE.

·         List of client’s Demat Account(s) to ensure the transfer is only to one of the specified account of client.

·         Maintain list of client’s bank account(s) which can be used to prevent third party transfer of funds the same can also be used to print on cheque issued to client.

·         Linking with DP back office software and facility for common KYC module and avoid duplication of data entry Facility to store financial details of client of multiple years.

·         Client code generation facility to find next code available for a given series of code.

·         Clients can provide their e-mail address where contracts / ledgers / positions / demat position / statements etc. may be automatically e-mailed.

·         Provision to Freeze / Unfreeze clients.

·         Facility to print account opening / welcome letter.



·         Maintenance of multiple Demat A/c with different DPs and account types.

·         Automatic Demat Data entry based on Delivery positions of clients.

·         Scrip, Client wise demat reports to give a clear picture of deliveries lying with us as against outstanding receivable / deliverable to clients.

·         Printing of Demat Transfer Memo to be submitted to DP. This includes Pay-in, Pay-out, Inter Settlement based on account from which to transfer i.e. beneficiary / pool.

·         Various reports like Demat Audit, Holding statement, Demat standing available.

·         Possible inter-settlement report is available. Automatic generation of inter-settlement transfer entries and printing of instructions.

·         Transfer into own beneficiary account based on payment receivable status of client is possible. Scanning for client’s holding in our beneficiary balance for making delivery against his sale and generation transfer instruction from our beneficiary into our pool for the purpose of pay-in is also possible.

·         Demat confirmation letter & report available.

·         Demat Reconciliation using SPEEDe file, DPC9, DP50, Exchange pay out file, file received from DP etc. may be used for reconciliation.

·         Corporate action adjustment for Bonus, Split etc. can also generate Journal vouchers for dividend credit for clients’ shares lying with us.

·         Viewing of holding reports to list quantity of shares of clients lying with us.



·         Reports based on clients, Security for providing to clients or for internal controls and usage.

·         Multiple settlement reports with various options.

·         Reports like Brokerages, Service Tax payable, Client Performance, security wise concentration on periodic basis like daily, monthly, quarterly etc.

·         Trades daybook (Trades Register) in order of time, security, client for particular day or period across the settlement(s) along option to select / deselect columns.

·         Risk Management related reports.

·         Report based on client’s delivery lying with us and clients having ledger debits since last 7 days. Facility also available to generate BSE / NSE / front office file to load order file for shares to be sold with various selection criteria.

·         All client related reports may be taken for specific client group or family or sub-broker or branch and may be taken in order of client code / client name / group / family etc.

·         Investor Portfolio Report to monitor periodic trading position of client / self consolidated for various settlement types across exchanges clubbed for multiple account codes.

·         Brokerage Sharing Report for any period.

·         Performance report for Clients / Groups / families / securities / branches / trading terminals / sub-broker etc for any range of period.

·         Report printing with facility to select target printer, set print quality / size of report or redirection to a file in various formats like TXT / RTF / HTML / XLS

·         VAR / RMS Margin reports.

·         Various MIS reports like Brokerage Analysis, Performance reports & other various statistics.

·         Graphical representation of various reports.

·         All reports can be printed in fast DOS mode or on GUI Printers or may be e-mailed.



·         A fully equipped accounting module that can handle all your accounting needs.

·         Various document like Receipt, Payments, Debit Notes, Credit Notes, Journals, Petty Cash Book etc. with facility to print vouchers and cheques.

·         Bank reconciliation with powerful options to simplify the entire operation. Facility to reconcile using file(s) provided by various banks.

·         Trial balance and funds positions with various options.

·         Drilling down to actual entry / Bill from trial balance or ledger is possible. Modification of voucher also possible from here.

·         Managing multiple years A/c simultaneously with automatic update of balances from previous year into new year.

·         Petty cash book in columnar format.

·         Accounts confirmations letters, Interest Calculations etc.

·         Payment entries of payout may be generated automatically based on amount to payout and cheques may be printed from within the software. Status of demat delivery receivable etc. may also be taken into consideration while arriving at payout amount.

·         Connecting to DP back office software to transfer Debits in clients DP ledger and adjust against pay-out if any due to client. Also transfer TradePlus ledger debit of client figures to DP software for display at the time of delivery instruction entry for better RMS.

·         Facility to import Receipt / Payment / Journal entries from XLS files. Receipts from client may also be validated against bank account details of client registered with us in case of receipt entry through XLS file.

·         Entry of expense voucher with breakup of Service tax etc. TDS, if any, to be deducted while making payment can also be entered at the same time so that payment of net amount is only made.



·         Password for each user along with authority / restriction setting for individual activity.

·         Stores client code as in trade file of exchange for verification against unauthorized modification.

·         Security of client / server and RDBMS Database.

·         Automatic locking of settlement on generation of bills.

·         If any change done to trade data after generation of bill (this however can be done by authorized persons only), the settlement number will be shown in Red till the time account posting for the settlement is carried out.

·         Demat record are locked and assigned various status to prevent undue delivery / double deliveries etc.

·         Each user may be restricted / permitted to access data of selected company / exchange / segment.


Special Features

·         Powerful risk management system to calculate overall risk position of client after considering ledger balance, collaterals, margins due, deliveries receivable, deliveries retained, delivery in client’s BO account (if with our DP) and also debit for DP services.

·         Multiple company / Multiple Exchanges / Multiple Segments possible.

·         Simple & easy to understand entry screens and reports.

·         Can invoke Calculator / calendar from within the software.

·         All processes taken care of on single screen.

·         Automatic transfer of settlement to accounts, so that even sub-brokers do not require help of specialized accountant.

·         Very optimally designed data structure, gives better response time.

·         Built in backup facility in compressed form for fast and simple backup procedure.


TradeNet – Browser based connectivity software.

·         All relevant reports required by branches / franchises for day to day operations with facility to save and print the same.

·         Entry of receipts for collection received by branches. The credit for the same will reflect in client’s ledger only on authorization by head office.

·         If remote center is give a facility of cheque issue, he may also enter payment entries from remote.

·         Branches can enter new clients’ information from remote, client will be active only when authorized by head office.

·         Make request for release of funds / shares due to client. The release will be subject to verification by head office.

·         All rights available to TradeNet user can be defined by head office.

·         Holding statement of Clients having their demat account with us can be made available to branches through same utility.

·         Commodity Exchange data can also be display under same utility, under single login.


Other associated Modules (Optional, Always quoted separately)

·         Web site for Cash & Derivatives segment clubbed with DP related information through single login.

·         Offline branches with database and data transfer concept.

·         Digitally signed documents (contracts, bills, ledgers etc.)

·         Printing of Combined quarterly reports of TradePlus and Depository services. Includes TradePlus reports like ledger, delivery statements and Depository reports like transaction cum holding statement. Printing is done using laser printer with facility to print on both side of paper (duplex printing), if supported by printer. The facility results in huge cost saving as all statutory reports are sent by a single courier and creates better impression with customers who do not receive multiple couriers for same account.

·         Arbitrage related reports.


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