Back Office Web Linkage (BOWL).
Back office data access utility by client linked through web

Concept & features

Thanks to technology, Stock Brokers now can expand their operations over a larger geographical region. Now broker can have a his branch or sub-broker working in a remote village any where in India. Now a sub-broker does not have to tell his broker to buy / sell a share. He functions independently within the trading limit set for him.

So far as trading goes, this is perfect, but what when a sub-broker or branch manager wants to verify their brokerage, deliveries and other charges that a broker has levied are matching with his data or for that why should an occasional investor keep on dialing to get his broker connected or on other hand, why should a broker occupy best of employees into answering call from clients for confirmations, bills and ledgers?

Internet, an unmatched connectivity as of today has been put to use by ACERSOFT in ‘BOWL’ so at to give much required accessibility to back office data of stock brokers, even at night or on holidays, for clients to help themselves.

Areas Covered by ‘BOWL’

Trades :
  • Trade file can be updated with trades on day to day bases immediately on end of trading sessions so that remote clients can get data as soon as possible. Exact rate after brokerage will be available to clients. Apart from daily trade, Mark to Mark Profit / Loss for the settlement to date can also be provided as an additional information.
  • Daily confirmation of data can be made available in summarised format and if a client so wishes, may click on a security to have a detailed transactions for that security or may opt for a detailed report and get full data with each and every trade.
  • Trades done under different segments like forward, odd lot, Rolling, Bonds, Auction may be available in single confirmation.
  • For that matter, trades executed on different exchange may also be made available on single confirmation.
  • As a matter of convenience and reduce data size, trade details of last 1 month may only be made available.

Bills / Reports:
  • Client may also take a cumulative position in case of weekly settlements on daily bases to ascertain position till date on running settlements.
  • On completion of settlement, billing related data like badla, standard rates, billing information including Service Tax and Turnover Charges, if any, will be updated on to the web data.
  • Since data is available across web, speed is a factor that needs to be given due consideration. We have worked out a special format for bill which saves on time and yet easier to understand for clients than traditional bills that are forwarded by brokers.
  • Bills amount and delivery pay-in / pay-out details can be provided as soon as settlement is over in case of NSE, and as soon as BADLA trades and final Standard rate and margin data is available from the stock exchange.

Statement of Accounts (Ledger):
  • Statement of account may be updated on daily bases and may also display Pay-in / Pay-out details from latest settlement along with scheduled pay-in / pay-out date.
  • By referring to ledger, a remote client may his end verify as to the remittance he has made is being reflected under his account or not.

  • Details of deliveries received from / delivered to client / branch physical / along with demat deliveries over last 1 month may be made available on line through this site to clients. Details of deliveries may also have reference of delivering agency and their docket No. Clients from time to time may verify the entries appearing here and make themselves sure that deliveries sent by them has been received by broker.

Bad Deliveries:
  • List of not cleared bad deliveries receivable from clients along with last date for rectification and auction information may be made available.

Other Market Information:
  • Other market information like Daily closing prices, Badla rates, Book closures, No deliveries, Arbitrages opportunity from BSE - NSE price difference, Short sale statistics may be selectively made available through site for providing additional reason for clients to login and retrieve data from web.

Added utilities

E-mails to you:
  • clients may post their queries and differences through an E-mail utility or sort of a complaint register which can be counter updated with answers by concerned department / persons at brokers end.

Old Data:
  • Client may put in his request for any old that (from the one that is made available) on web site. This data will be made available to broker on daily bases and take action on it and forward data to client in e-mail form or couriered to him.

  • A password will be provided for each account code for access. The user will only be able to access data of Account he has logged in for. To access data of any other account he may have to login into other account or a link into other accounts may be established at our end to give access to all his family accounts. The user will be allowed to modify his / her own password.

Info Space:
  • Space can be provided at top / bottom / sides of screen to put information relating to other services provided by company / associated companies or information like closing process of securities / Currencies etc. Space can also be utilised in the nature of advertisements.

Print & other options:
  • User will be allowed to view / print / down load data at his option. The printing will be done to his own printer. Down load may be provided in various formats like Text File, data files for use by client for his back office purpose.

Data Transfer:
  • A full functional utility is provided to broker to port his data onto web site. Here, broker will not be required to use any intelligence. All that he has to do is just click on an icon when his data if ready in all respect to be transferred to web site.
  • Since we have complete insight into your back office related data, we have basically no questions relating to data and thus you are relived of answering question for which you do not have answers.

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