Electronic  Security Treasury Records Organiser
Back office / front office co-ordination, billing and accounting software for DPs with NSDL

Concept & features

A complete software for managing all activities in Depository participant’s office. It starts with recording of a client’s (beneficiary or clearing member) account opening information in Estro. This back office may be at same location as DPM system or at a remote location networked as branch.

Transfer instruction may also be entered into Estro, which offers lot more facilities and security than DPM system. This includes maker / checker concept as in use by banks where each transaction is required to be authorised by persons at different levels depending upon the value and type of transaction.

Some of the salient features of Estro:

Client Master
  • Back office - DPM - Back office export / import.
  • Additional information like:
    -Charges scheme.
    -Billing frequency and detailed / summary mode.
    -Statement of Transactions & holding frequency & mode.
  • Group clients by family.
  • Redefining charges, group, billing and statement frequency by selecting from list of clients.

  • Back office - DPM - Back office export / import of all different types of transactions including Demat, Remat, Pledge etc.
  • Reading Response file, Changed order of the day file for complete security.
  • Accept transaction data files from branches, brokers & sub brokers.
  • Clients with high volume of transactions (generally brokers & sub-brokers) may be offered a facility to provide data in data format to serve multiple purposes like time saving, minimisation mistake risk etc.
  • Validations by instruction serial No.

  • Formulation of various scheme and default scheme concept for easy definition of schemes to individual accounts.
  • Mass redefining scheme for selected clients.
  • Provision of charges on rejected entries, Demat request, late pay-ins, additional copies of statements etc.
  • Displaying transaction carrying out cost, cash collection and issuing of receipts for the same while entering instructions

  • Facility has been provided to create full functional branches that can operate without DPM systems and yet provide clients of branches with timely information and services.
  • Reports on branch profitability and inter branch comparisons.
  • Reports on earnings / expenses of branches for effective working of franchise concepts on branches.
  • Transfer of data to and from branches using dial-up / web connectivity using Data transfer features of database to prevent handling errors and tampering.

Stationery Management
  • This enables to track lot of information from transfer instruction serial No and allow monitoring of stationery stock of various kinds.
  • Prevent transfer on instruction slips reported missing by clients using stop transfers.

Demat Requests
  • Complete demat request management system right from entering data and uploading file to DPM system, printing of covering letters, generating courier lots by courier docket No
  • Keeping track of courier details and over due demat requests.

  • Printing Holding statements, Transaction statements for clients at predefined intervals on Dot Matrix Printers / Page Printer.
  • Automatic forwarding statements to clients’ e-mail address / Fax on predefined dates.

Charges & Billing
  • Defining charges scheme applicable to different clients.
  • Defining various charges on percentage / minimum bases.
  • Including Demat request charges in bills for better accounting.
  • Levying additional charges for special tasks carried out for clients.
  • Printing bills on blank papers / letter heads / pre defined stationery on Dot Matrix Printer / Page printer in pre-set summarised / detailed mode.
  • Forwarding detailed bill to client via E-mail to who are provided summarised bills in print.
  • Verifying NSDL bill figure including late pay-in charges.

  • Includes powerful accounting software rich with functions of a full fledge accounting software.
  • Handling account schedules in accordance with Schedule VI of companies act.
  • All reports, ledgers, balance sheets on Dot Matrix / Page Printers.

  • State of art client / server architecture using RDBMS back end ensures fullest data security for substantially large database.
  • Intelligently designed database makes it possible to execute export / import of high volume data and retrieval of specific information in no time.
  • 32 bit seamless front end and database integration makes it possible to transfer data between branches, head office and web server simple and dynamic.
  • Considering the nature of business and amount of risk involved, security of data and prevention of mischief has been given priority over other factors.

Web Site Connectivity (Optional)
  • A comprehensive web application to allow clients to access information on their account using Internet connection.
  • Data on web site may be updated using back office application database with built in facility.