Back office software for Commodities Derivatives




         Supports all files of Indian exchanges.

         List of terminal along with sub-broker / client identification.

         Unique trade edit screen that displays Order ID, trade ID, terminal No, time, brokerage, brokerage %, brokerage type, net rate, standard rate for each trade and with shortcuts to recalculate brokerages, search, split etc.

         Provision to apply absolute brokerage on multiple trades on select & apply basis.

         Automatic effect for Custodial trades.

         Generate trade files from back office for clients / sub-brokers for use in his office.


     Contracts & Bills

         Printing on Existing stationery in fast DOS Mode / GUI Mode.

         Bill Printing for multiple Days.

         Bills may be rounded off to nearest Rupee etc.

         Confirmations may be forwarded to client via e-mail.


     Client Master

         Grouping by Group / Family / Branch

         Client code generation facility to find next code available for a given alphabet.

         Clients can provide their e-mail address where bills / contracts / ledgers / positions / statements etc. may be emailed.

         Provision to Freeze / Unfreeze clients.



         For each slab a Minimum / Percent / Maximum / Fixed brokerage may be defined.

         Minimum Brokerage per contract may also be defined.

         Speculation, squaring off brokerages can be defined for same client.

         Brokerage discounts may be offered based on daily turnover.

         Introducing persons brokerage may be credited to his accounts on settlement posting.



         Various charges that may be levied over and above brokerage and may be specifically shown in contract / Bill.

-          Turnover Charges

-          Contract Charges

-          Stamp Duty



         Reports based on clients, commodity for providing to clients or for internal controls and usage.

         Reports like Brokerages, Client Performance, produce wise concentration on periodic basis like daily, monthly, quarterly etc.

         Trades daybook (Trades Register) in order of time, security, client along option to select / deselect columns.

         All client related reports may be taken for specific client group, family, sub-broker or branch and may be taken in order of client code / client name / group / family etc.

         Investor Portfolio Report to monitor periodic trading position of client / self consolidated for period across exchanges clubbed for multiple account codes.

         Brokerage Sharing Report and automatic posting on bill generation.

         Performance report for Clients / Groups / families / commodity / branches / trading terminals / sub-broker etc for any range of period.

         Report printing with facility to select target printer, set print quality / size of report or redirection to a file in various formats like TXT / RTF / HTML / XLS

         Various MIS reports like Brokerage Analysis, Performance reports & other various statistics.

         Graphical representation of various reports.

         All reports can be printed in fast DOS mode or on GUI Printers or may be e-mailed.



         A fully equipped accounting module that can handle all your accounting needs.

         Various document like Receipt, Payments, Debit Notes, Credit Notes, Journals, Petty Cash Book etc. with facility to print vouchers and cheques.

         Bank reconciliation with powerful options to simplify the entire operation.

         Trial balance and funds positions with various options.

         Drilling down to actual entry / Bill from trial balance or ledger is possible. Modification of voucher also possible from here.

         Managing multiple years A/c simultaneously with automatic update of balances from previous year into new year.

         Petty cash book in columnar format.

         Accounts confirmations letters, Interest Calculations etc.

         Payment entries of payout may be generated automatically based on amount to payout and cheques may be printed from within the software.



         Password for each user along with authority / restriction setting for individual activity.

         Stores client code as in trade file of exchange for verification against unauthorized modification.

         Security of client / server and RDBMS Database.

         Automatic locking of data on generation of bills.

         Each user may be restricted / permitted to access data of selected company/exchange.


     Special Features

         Multiple company / Multiple Exchanges.

         Simple & easy to understand entry screens and reports.

         Can invoke Calculator / calendar from within the software.

         All processes taken care of on single screen.

         Automatic transfer of bills to accounts

         Very optimally designed data structure, gives better response time.

         Built in backup facility for fast and simple backup procedure.







Other associated Modules (Optional)

Web site

Browser based on line branches

Offline branches with database and data transfer concept.

Digitally signed documents (contracts, bills, ledgers etc.)

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